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Few shots are more iconic than the epic cliff jump shot in Zack Snyder’s 300 when Leonidas is traveling to meet with the Ephors. The seemingly unreachable ledge that may just be within grasp—given the proper motivation—stuck with me. 10 years later, I was lucky enough to be able to pay homage to 300 when Fractal Visuals was making a short film to Silversun Pickup’s song “Ragamuffin.”

Source: NoFilmSchool



Ever wondered how to paint a location (or your actors) with UV lights? Or how to light with 1,000 watts? No Film School asked John Byron Hanby, IV to walk us through the technical process of “painting” his music video with UV fluorescents.

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I instantly knew I had to produce a video Silversun Pickups’ Ragamuffin. Music videos have always been my passion and this song spoke to me in a huge way! So, we set out on a tremendous journey that eventually resulted in the creation of an unbelievable, epic, and emotionally moving music video, that I hope will resonate with other fans of the band, and the band itself. In my mind the song paints a beautiful picture of vastness and a constant intensity that could only be represented in one place, the desert.

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Here are a few of the outstanding students who have majored in the Moody College and who will be graduating in the Class of 2017. On the Forty Acres, Hanby said the guidance, mentorship and friendship he gained from faculty members including Charles Ramírez Berg, Tom Schatz and Ben Bays and staff members including Development Director John Brejot, Advisor Jeffrey Marsh and Dean Jay Bernhardt among others, were the highlights of his time. Graduating in three years while juggling school and a successful business, Hanby also produced videos for various departments across campus including Title IX and BeVocal. Upon graduation, he plans to continue producing corporate and creative films in Austin.

Source: University of Texas at Austin



RED Digital Cinema adds 6 music videos produced by Fractal Visuals to their collection of top music videos filmed on RED cameras. They will join the ranks of Taylor Swift, Eminem, Psy, Katy Perry, Rain and others.

Source: RED Digital Cinema



Senior Radio-Television-Film student creates popular music video for Silversun Pickups. On Dec. 27, 2016, Department of Radio-Television-Film senior John Byron Hanby’s production company Fractal Visuals published an unofficial music video for Silversun Pickups using their song, “Ragamuffin.” Hanby published the original video on his 21st birthday, marking another milestone for his career as both a student and producer of film. Since then, the YouTube video has exceeded more than 675,000 views and attracted the interest of the band, who shared the film with their fans on Facebook in January.

Source: University of Texas at Austin



Radio-television-film freshman John Hanby is the owner of Fractal Visuals, a film production company. Fractal Visuals creates commercials for small businesses and short films. Hanby’s company, Fractal Visuals, shoots commercials for businesses ranging from small low-budget startups to multimillion dollar companies.

Source: The Daily Texan



“Discovering his passion for filmmaking at age eight while making a documentary about his local martial arts studio, John began to dabble in short films and corporate videos. For me, there is no better feeling than creating a film,” he concluded. “The capturing of a moment in time that will be kept forever is incredible. When it’s done there is a great sense of fulfillment, and the fact that I can share that film with others so they can experience the journey is beyond incredible.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom