Build Vs. Buy – Cost / Benefit Analysis

Build Vs. Buy

Outsourcing your video production saves you money and delivers a better end result. While going through the video production evaluation process, this question has likely come up: “Is it better to hire Fractal Visuals or hire an in-house video production employee?” The answer will always be the same, Fractal Visuals is the best choice.


Here’s Why:


Salaried Employee:

A Glassdoor survey of 10,777 moderately qualified in-house video production specialists on average make $88k per year, plus the cost of benefits, and sometimes other incentives such as stock. Now you’re up to $100k. Full time employees only work 9am to 5pm and must be paid in full even if they’re not working at full capacity. When working with Fractal Visuals, every dollar spent goes into the project, not towards browsing social media, socializing at the water cooler, or on vacation. Our dedication and work ethic is absolute and channeled to complete your video project as quickly as possible, with no corners cut.


Equipment Costs & Infrastructure:

If your company is serious about creating high-quality content then at minimum an investment of $10k to $20k will be made into a camera, lenses, batteries, lights, software, computers, storage and hard drives, memory cards, tripods and other stands, protective cases, audio recording devices, cardioid and shotgun microphones, lavalieres, and more. Now your investment is at least $110k. Fractal Visuals owns the best equipment and has invested over $223k. Our camera and lens combo alone costs $50k. There is a HUGE jump in quality from a $10k setup to a $200k+ setup, and theses costs are never passed on to our clients because we already own all of the equipment.


We Come with a Team:

Fractal Visuals’ team of dedicated professionals can scale to meet the needs of your project and get things done faster than a single employee. In many cases more complex video shoots require more than one person to be successful, this means your solo employee would need to hire support crew on a per project basis adding additional expense to your project cost.


Talent and Experience:

The Fractal Visuals team has more purpose built and battle-tested IP focused on efficient and outstanding video content creation than any other video production company. Our IP combined with years of experience means our content will always be better, faster, and less expensive. They may be able to consistently hit singles, but Fractal Visuals’ award-winning team hits home-runs every single time.


Incentives for Home-run Results:

As an independent contractor, Fractal Visuals has added incentive to make sure you are thrilled with the final product, because if you’re not satisfied, its much easier to find a new independent contractor than fire and hire a new employee. Fractal Visuals has a proven track-record for customer success and a Net-Promoter Score of +100 as proof. Our commitment to creating exceptional video content for every project is absolute.


Rapid Turnaround Time Capabilities:

As an employee, there is little incentive to get work done quickly. As long as they can meet the minimum job requirement, their job is safe, and they will get paid regardless of how fast they complete a project. After Fractal Visuals receives approval for the Statement of Work and the initial deposit is made, we will not be paid again until the project is completed and you’re thrilled with the results. This adds a huge incentive for our team to complete every single project quickly and with a focus on unparalleled ultra-high quality.


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