100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee



What is in our guarantee?


Clear and Specific Production Proposal:

Our production proposal will clearly establish and outline Fractal Visuals and the client’s the expectations for the project and will be used as the road map for each project.

Scripting, Messaging, and Strategy Guidance:

The Fractal Visuals team will work with you to carefully craft the script, messaging, and video content strategy to enable your maximum success.

Scheduling Guidance and Recommendations:

Fractal Visuals will be available to provide the client with guidance and experienced recommendations on how to best schedule filming with executives and customers.

Education About What To Expect Before Filming:

Fractal Visuals will provide the client with documentation about the filming process.

Award-Winning Composition:
Fractal Visuals’ award-winning experience will be used to compose each shot for maximum beauty.

Best Possible Depiction of the Location:

Fractal Visuals will use its years of experience to evaluate each filming location and choose the most relevant and beautiful background from what is available.

Professional and Even Lighting on All Speakers:

Attention to detail will be placed upon each speaker’s lighting to ensure the best situational lighting and a minimization of hard shadows.

Capture of Best Possible Audio on Location:

Careful microphone selection and placement will be used to ensure audio is clear and background and ambient noise are minimized.

Exceptional Crew Professionalism:
The Fractal Visuals crew has been trained to exhibit respect and professionalism in every work environment with the goal of being as unobtrusive as possible.

No Time Wasted:
We recognize that for your executives time is money, and we will never waste your time by being unprepared or unsure about expectations.

Clear and Actionable Direction and Coaching:
Our years of experience in coaching and direction allows us to clearly communicate with your talent to ensure the best performance possible.

Honest Evaluation of Performance:
We believe in having candid conversations to ensure we are all on the same page.

Best Equipment:
Every video production will utilize our best-in-class no compromises equipment.

Award-Winning Editing:
Fractal Visuals’ award-winning experience will be used to edit each video with flow, continuity, and rhythm in mind for maximum coherence.

Beautiful Colorization:
Raw footage will be brought to life through careful colorization so every shot pops.

Delivered in Your Requested File Format:
Fractal Visuals will work directly with your content distribution team to deliver the best video formats for your use cases.

Responsive Communication:
We maximize turnaround times and efficiency through prioritizing responsive communication in all stages of production.

Meeting or Exceeding Deadlines:

Our long time industry experience and battle-tested best practices enable Fractal Visuals to fully understand how long a project will take to complete (barring extenuating circumstances), and what is required to meet committed deadlines.

Future-proof Content:

Our best-in-class equipment ensures the visual quality of your video will be relevant for many years to come with every video being mastered in the highest resolution possible.

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This quality satisfaction guarantee reflects Fractal Visuals current best practices. Everything is subject to change.