Fractal Visuals Now Accepts Verge (XVG) Cryptocurrency



Fractal Visuals Now Accepts Verge (XVG) Cryptocurrency

On January 24, 2018, Fractal Visuals announced they will now accept payment for video production services in the cryptocurrency Verge (XVG). John Hanby, Founder of Fractal Visuals said “Fractal Visuals is constantly searching for new ways to maximize efficiency and streamline every aspect of the video production process. Incorporating faster payment technologies like Verge, which offers ultra-low processing fees and near instant transaction speeds, allows us to further increase the speed at which our company is able to process payments and deliver amazing video content to our customers.”

The Fractal Visuals Proven Process for Success begins at the first customer meeting and is carried all the way through final delivery. “Maximizing our customers ROI is a top priority. We have worked very hard to ensure each project is completed as efficiently as possible.”


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Fractal Visuals has developed extensive battle-tested IP designed to refine the video production process down to a science. Hanby says “This proven process ensures all mundane but critical aspects of production are completed at the highest standard for every single project. It also allows our focus as a company to be dedicated to the creativity and innovation required for each project.”

Optimizing Fractal Visuals’ payment process with Verge allows payments to be received faster and will reduce Fractal Visuals payment processing fees by nearly 99% for customers who choose to pay using Verge. “This incredible reduction in cost will save us thousands of dollars each year,” Hanby said.

Invoicing will continue to function as normal and if a client desires to pay using the Verge cryptocurrency, Fractal Visuals will use the current price listed on the CoinMarketCap website as the standard valuation at the time of payment. Fractal Visuals will continue to accept all traditional payment methods including cash, check, credit card and wire transfer.

Hanby concluded by saying “Time savings, whether seconds, or hours is a big deal, and implementing payments using Verge allows us to conduct business even faster than before. Our commitment to customer success through unparalleled ultra-high quality and low-cost video content with rapid turnaround times is one of the many reasons why Fractal Visuals is the number one rated video production company in Austin, Texas.