Video Production: Advertisement

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Engage. Inspire. Captivate. Sell.™

In some circumstances you only get 30 seconds to grab the attention of a customer. We have created commercials for a wide variety of clients all with the goal of drawing someone in and making them want more information. These shorter videos are great for trade shows or other events where drawing people in is the goal.

Fractal Visuals’ unparalleled ultra high-quality, low-cost, and rapid turn-around time strategy ensures outstanding results by designing content, messaging, and delivery to best fit your marketing strategy and use cases.




Nail the introduction of your company to potential customers every single time. Through a carefully designed and scripted message, your advertisement video will ensure any viewer meets your brand in a way they won’t ever forget.


  • Rapid turnaround – Customers receive final products in just a few weeks.
  • Best-in-class equipment – We use only the best equipment with over $223k invested in the best gear Hollywood uses on $200MM+ budget motion pictures.
  • Low cost – Nobody in the industry can beat our quality to cost ratio. The right choice isn’t always the least expensive, but investing in quality and experience will always ensure the best outcome. It’s just like selecting a brain surgeon.
  • Experienced team – Our team has been working together for years and has perfected efficiency and professionalism.
  • Your culture first – We recognize we are a reflection on your company. We dress for success, and always fit in with your company’s dress expectations.
  • We make it simple – Our best practices proven process has been refined over years of work. We never waste your time because every aspect of production has been engineered to maximize efficiency.
  • Future-proof – All of our video projects are mastered in next-generation 8K resolution (4 times the resolution of 4K UHD) ensuring the content will live for many years – maximizing your ROI.
“Fractal Visuals is amazing at both shooting and editing. The team is a pleasure to work with and their work is superior. They use first-class equipment and no excuses. I highly recommend them. Get them now while you still can!”

JP Newman, CEO Thrive FP


“We have worked with John Hanby and Fractal Visuals for several years and he is the absolute best-in-class! His ability to capture great video and his turn around time for edits is so quick. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best!”

Adrian Lufschanowski, President Thrive FP



Key Reasons and Examples:


Every advertisement we creat goes through Fractal Visuals battle-tested proven process for success. We create a specialized action plan to ensure every commercial is a beautiful work of art.

With so much content being created every day, it is more important than ever before to give your audience something powerful to hold on to. Inspiration is powerful, long-lasting, and emotionally meaningful.

Removing pressure with a unique and beautiful experience, captivating the mind will allow your message to be remembered.

By showing brand quality, your advertisements will build brand trust, and the desire to do business with your company will be higher.